Drive Through California

I took this quick photo of a vineyard as we drove home from Santa Cruz, CA. My Love For Traveling Around California Started Early My love for travel started early. I remember my mom packing our suitcases for weekend trips to Southern California. I remember my father taking us on long drives around Central California … Continue reading Drive Through California

On Fridays We Fight! A Special Valentine’s Day Post ❤️

A special Valentine's Day post - When you’ve known someone for over half of their life #ValentinesDay #highschoolsweethearts #love #marriage #howshedoesit

Running Makes Me Happy

This was me at the of a 5K race in SF February 2016. I love running! I ❤️ #running!!🏃🏻‍♀️I’m so glad to be back at it. Life happened and so getting back to a consistent routine of running has been a struggle for some time.🏃🏻‍♀️But I haven’t given up. I’m finding ways to work through … Continue reading Running Makes Me Happy

woman on a pole at a pole studio

Local Spotlight: Combine Pole Studio

Local Spotlight: Combine Pole Studio | Strength, grace, and empowerment are all words that describe pole fitness at Combine Pole Studio.

On Fridays We Fight! Get More Of Your Earned Money Back With EITC Earned Income Tax Credit

In the United States, tax season is underway! This year, get your money back with the EITC - Earned Income Tax Credit. Today is National EITC Awareness Day!