On Fridays We Fight! FAFSA® Myths

On Fridays We Fight! FAFSA® Myths | Yes, the FAFSA® can be intimidating. That's no reason to put it off. I'm busting a few common myths I hear too often. #collegeplanning #financialaid #FAFSA #howshedoesit

More Than One Road to College

Our College Story | Each child's path to college may be different but you can build a foundation by starting early. Here's how >> #collegeplanning #howshedoesit

Quiet Streets

A quiet moment in downtown Stockton, California.

On Fridays, We Fight! The Cost of Higher Education

On Fridays, We Fight! The Cost of Higher Education | The biggest stress factor in college planning is paying for college. Among the various ways to pays for college, families have an option that they can control.

Local Spotlight: Stockton Teen Spaces

Local Spotlight: Stockton Teen Spaces | Where can teens go in Stockton, California to simply be a kid, relax and have fun?