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Through my personal blog I share my stories and those of inspiring women in Stockton, California to empower others seeking a balanced and fulfilled life


“I don’t know how you do it,” people have said to me often. I used to smile and wonder what to say to that statement. How She Does It shares my stories and those of inspiring Latinas to shed light on this wonderfully busy world of ours!  You’ll find stories about family, local spotlights in Stockton, CA, and advancing education and career. Although new stories are no longer published, you will find the blog timeless and inspiring!

Pinpoint Your Purpose

Find your life’s passion, your ideal career, or narrow your project’s aim when you point your purpose!

Politically Active

Politically Active is a series informing mothers about political issues in a way that is easy to understand then suggests simple ways to take action.

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Hello! I am a healthcare professional in Stockton, California who finds joy in community activities that benefit our local area, support education, and strengthen families. You’ll find these experiences shared on How She Does It.

You can get in touch me best by sending an email. Let’s talk about how I can help your organization support educational equity, parents entering or returning to college and Latina moms balancing family, community, and career.

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