15 Facts About Me

Get to know a collection of 15 random fun facts about me. Do we share anything in common? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Traveled to Paris, France in 1997
  2. Watched Michael Jackson live in concert, Paris, France 1997
  3. Have 5 children
  4. Love hospital food
  5. AA in Interior Design from FIDM San Francisco, CA 1998
  6. Regrets not living longer in San Francisco, CA
  7. Screams during scary parts in movies
  8. Married my high school sweetheart
  9. Favorite color is any shade of pink
  10. Homecoming Queen of Franklin High School, Stockton, CA 1995
  11. Ran a marathon (26.2 miles) Nike Women’s Marathon, San Francisco, CA 2011
  12. Walked Mayan ruins of Chichén Itza, Mexico in 2003
  13. When I was a child, I wanted to be the President of the U.S.
  14. I wore braces from third grade through the first week of my Freshman year (and headgear for that first year)
  15. My favorite movie is Wuthering Heights, 1939 version

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