Motivational Monday because we all want to need to find that one quote, meme, or gif that’s going to make us want to jump out bed, crush our morning workout session, arrive to work on time and be the positive vibe in the room.

Now, I appreciate a good motivational meme as much as the next gal, but what are we really doing with the abundance of motivational quotes in the world? How can you take what motivates you Monday morning and make it last?

I’ll share with you how I learned to maintain my motivational momentum.

  1. Find quotes you truly connect with. Quotes should be 100% positive without a passive-aggressive undertone or message. A quote that persuades you believe that a negative situation is useful to reach a positive outcome is not truly helpful. Internally, you’ll begin to focus on the negative instead of manifesting the positive.

    Be Real Podcast gives us a great example of a positive quote.

    Here’s an example of a passive agressive statement.
  2. Physically write the quote down. Pen to paper.  This physical method of writing solidifies the connection for you. Once hand written you can create variations of the quote to display. You can cut out words from magazines and then arrange them into a collage style image. You could also simply type and print it. writtenquote

  3. Find a convienent place in your home to display your quote. My favorite spot is in my bathroom near the mirror or the wall opposite the mirror. Other places could be: near your electronic chargers, on your refrigerator door, or where you place your purse or keys. These should be places in your home that you frequent at least three times a day.

Stop “scrolling” for motivation! Instead, find a quote that motivates you and physically post it where you’ll see it everyday.