5 Common Tips For Business Traveling Moms

Attending a work conference will boost your industry knowledge, sharpen your career focus, and can open the door to career advancement. So, what’s holding you back from attending?

Could it be some kind of separation anxiety? I didn’t think that would effect me but this time it has.

Certified medical coders must earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) in order to renew their certification. In my case, it is a job requirement. I’m able to earn CEUs through our monthly coding meetings, webinars, and conferences. This year, American Academy of Professional Coders, AAPC, is holding their annual conference, Healthcon, at the Rio Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, NV.

Five days of education, networking and sharpening my skills have been planned since last Winter! Sounds exciting, right? Instead, I have conflicting feelings of commitment to both work and home. Days before the conference, I began to create long must-do lists that I was pressuring myself to complete before departing.

Recognizing my own panic, I searched for help through articles, tips, and recommendations for mothers who attend work conferences. Literally searching online with those terms, “mothers who attend work conferences”, led me to a handful articles. Ladies, we’ve got to share this important, chaotic story more often! Although very helpful, the articles I found were around 2 years old.

On one hand, we know conferences are career boosters but on the other hand, we know our families are like spinning wheels and if one spoke is out of place the whole flow comes to a stand still! How do we over come the fear? How do we find balance?

After reading these articles, I found 5 common tips –

  1. Plan then trust. We may create lists of meals, chores, practices, etc. but no one is going to manage our family’s routine like we do so we shouldn’t expect someone else to do it perfectly. This is commonly when the guilt trip starts. So don’t let it! Plan for a simple routine then trust it will be done.
  2. Be confident. A positive vibe will be accepted easier than a doubtful frown. You’re going away to learn which will benefit your career. You’ll want to show your enthusiasm to reinforce to your children that going away to learn (hello, college life) shouldn’t be feared.
  3. Leave a reminder. Depending on your child’s age, it could be a storybook that is set out, a favorite snack in the fridge, or a short written note. It’s a way of showing that you thought of them while you were preparing to leave.
  4. Connect. In any way that is most convenient for you and your children, set aside a time to connect.
  5. Celebrate. Everyone survived, including the babysitter, right? When you return home, take a moment to celebrate with your family by sharing what you all have accomplished while away.

Now, I’ve got my excitement back! Follow along with me at Healthcon through May 6 – 10, 2017.


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