School Activity Leave allows parents, guardians, and grandparents time to attend their child’s school events.

Another flyer home from school. Coffee hour, holiday classroom party, awards ceremony, field trip. Whichever it is, your first thought is how are you going to make it there when you have to be at work? School Activity Leave could be the answer!

Originally named Family – School Partnership Act in California, the Labor Code Law 230.8 allows for time off to attend school activities. I was surprised to learn this law was enacted in 1995! When I asked my own friends and family if they had heard about it, more than half did not know.

It’s important to note, not each state has this law. ADP, a leader in human resource services, has summed up easily which states provide this leave and their specific rules. See if your state is listed here.

For Californians, School Activity Leave allows you up to 40 hours per calendar year to attend your child’s school activity in if they are in kindergarten through 12th grade. It also includes activities held by licensed child care providers!

There are a few catches though. Your employer has to have more than 25 employees at the same work location, you’ll generally use your vacation or sick time, and provide documentation if the employer requests.

For part-time employees, who may not be eligible for vacation time or other compensation time, the law does allow employees to use time without pay.

Library field trip with my younger son’s class. 
Project demonstration night for my older son’s class.
My younger son’s student conference.

Talk with your manager about this leave before you plan to use it.  Then you’ll know if documentation will be required and whether you will have you use vacation time or leave without pay. This way there are no surprises when the time comes.

Did you know about this law? If so, have you used it? Now that you know, will you plan to use it this school year?