3 Halloween Movies For Beginners

How old were you when you saw your first scary movie? How about your kids, how old were they? Oh, you haven’t allowed your kids to watch scary movies yet?

You’re not alone. Some parents wait for a particular age to allow their children to watch scary movies.

If you’re thinking this is the year for your kiddos, I have 3 Halloween movies for beginners.

In order of scariness:

1. The Monster Squad is an 80’s classic. It’s kid and tween relatable. You’ll find the humor helps them through the mildly scary scenes.

2. The Frighteners is step up into creepy scariness. There are plenty of jump scares and gory effects throughout this 90’s flick.

3. The Babadook is a recent film that combines fear, suspense, and possession. The language is strong during the scariest parts but it’s a good story with a happy ending.

I hope you and your children enjoy these movies. Remember, to view in order of scariness! Let me know what you think in the comments. Which other movies would you suggest for beginners?

Happy Halloween!

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