Road Trip!

Road Trip! I’m planning one more family vacation before the end of Summer.

My daughters will head back to college. My oldest son will begin his Senior year of high school. I’ll return to my own studies and life will fall back into a routine. Before all that, I’m planning a road trip for us.

Visit California has a dedicated site for road trips, California Road Trip Republic. You can search for road trips by distance, number of days, or categories like Arts and Culture or Outdoors.

Screen shot of the Visit California website

Screen shot of the Visit California website

There are a lot of choices to scroll through. What’s really cool is each one has a complete itinerary with a map and suggestions for each stop along the way.

Want to visit California’s Ghost Towns? How about a foodie tour through Central California? I’m excited looking at all the possibilities!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind no matter where you travel in California.

Begin with the Visit California site!  In addition to the suggestions, their Travel Tips & Information page is very useful for travelers. You’ll find tips on driving, weather, and even cycling in California.

Make room for snacks. A road trip isn’t a true road trip without car snacks. When the kids were smaller, it was easier for me that each would have their own small bag of snacks by their side. Now that they’re older, they can easily grab snacks from the ice chest.

Drive comfortably. This applies to fashion and function. Dress comfortably and remember this is a trip on the road. The journey is part of the vacation experience. Don’t rush the scene routes or speed to the next destination. Enjoy the drive!

Where would you like to travel in California? I love to hear your plans!

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