Back -to -School Shopping

Find ways to make back to school shopping easier!

School starts for many Stockton, California students on August 1, 2019. With three weeks to go, the deals are starting to pop up everywhere. Are you ready? For our big family, including myself and husband, school supplies are a needed year-round. This time of year, I’m hunting for deals and buying in bulk. Plus, I’ve found another way to save money!

Back to school savings and then some

Shop for school supplies online. Take advantage of Amazing Prime Day going now through July 16, 2019. Find deals like this basic school supplies set with pens, highlighter, glue, etc. You could try this back to school bundle by Crayola specific to your child’s grade level.

Shopping for school clothes can be tricky because it can be so different for each child. I often find deals at JC Penny for stables like socks, underwear, and jeans. What I’ve done to find real savings at other stores, is use cash back features with online shopping.

My favorite cash back program is I begin with their website then shop from stores like JC Penny, Macy’s, Kohl’s, H&M, Nike, Adidas, and so many more. In California, I am able to transfer my cash back into our ScholarShare 529 college savings plan.

Make back to school shopping easier with three tips

Use a list. You’ll find plenty of grade level lists on Pinterest. I was able to find school lists on some teacher pages through our School District website. Start with the Stockton Unified School District website, then find your child’s school using the “SCHOOLS” drop down link. You’ll find their teacher’s page using the “Teacher Pages” link. I would peek at any grade level teacher’s page if you do not know who your child’s teach will be. Their recommended list is there.

Take inventory. Go through the school supplies you have now to consolidate binder paper, single folders, pens, pencils, and erasers. You might be able to check these items off your list afterwards.

Partner up to save. Shop with friends and family to take advantage of bulk deals. You’ll find bulk deals with larger stores like Office Depot, Walmart, and Target. Bonus! Walmart and Target are also on the Upromise store list. That’s savings + cash back for college!

Fun fact about me – I really don’t like shopping. {gasp!} I can feel a real sense of anxiety when I don’t have a strategy for spending. This is why planning for shopping has been so very helpful. When I have peace of mind, I feel comfortable to shop. I hope this helps you too!

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