Local Spotlight: Liz Montez started her cosplay journey at StocktonCon

Liz Montez began to cosplay after attending her first StocktonCon in 2012. She shares her tips for getting started and how she includes her family in the fun.

Cosplay is a word made from the words costume and play. It definitely is like playtime when you dress up in costume as your favorite character! Although Liz didn’t fully dress up the first time, wearing only a pink wig, she had a lot of fun at the first StocktonCon in 2012 taking pictures with people and feeling like a celebrity.

Liz put more effort into her second StocktonCon and made her own Poision Ivy costume! It’s her absolute favorite cosplay outfit. She has since dressed up her two daughters in different outfits. Her husband Raymond, an avid Comic book collector, joined in the fun later at the 6th annual StocktonCon. Over the years, they look foward to coming up with ideas for cosplay and spending time together.  This year at StocktonCon’s 8th annual event, Liz is looking forward to seeing more new cosplay characters because, “I love seeing how people incorporate their own personality into an already existing character.”

As a family the Montez’ have gone to comic conventions in Las Vegas, Reno, Lodi, Sacramento, as well as Stockton.  They’ve also attended Sinister Creature Con and Wizard World Con which were all a great experiences! They hope to go to Comic Con in San Diego soon!

@StocktonCon is this weekend August 3-4 from 10AM – 5PM. Get your tickets online stocktoncon.com/tickets now. I can’t wait to see all the cosplay and celebs! I’m super excited for hometown favorite @nakiaburrise and the @mexwarrior Chavo Guerrero!

Get into the fun of cosplay! Liz shares her tips for newbies and families.

Go for it mama! It is a fun little get away to be able to pretend to be a super hero, villain, funny, or creepy character.  Plan a month in advance to get all of your items together. Google comic con events and cosplay to see what other people have dressed up as to get ideas. 

Get the family involved. The kids especially love dressing up and seeing some of their favorite characters walking around.  Liz’ children love it when someone asks to take a picture with them. She says, “Doesn’t get any better knowing your child is happy and having a great time.”

Get to know your character. Research the character you’re planning to cosplay. Sometimes people will ask questions if they don’t recognize your character. This way you’ll be ready for any questions!

Look for Liz and her family at StocktonCon this weekend!

StocktonCon is this weekend August 3-4 from 10AM – 5PM. Get your tickets online stocktoncon.com/tickets now!


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