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Local Spotlight: Census 2020 Recruitment in Stockton, CA

There is currently a national recruitment effort to fill 500,000 positions for census takers. How can Stocktonians apply?

The U.S. Census 2020 national recruitment effort to fill 500,000 positions for census takers is on! You can help Stockton count! Stockton is among several cities considered “Hard-To-Count” due to various demographic reasons. An under-count can cost the city hundreds of dollars per person annually. The U.S. Census states top reasons Stockton is at risk for an under-count –

  1. Households receiving public assistance: About one-half of this hard-to-count population lives in tracts where the percentage of households receiving public assistant is among the top HTC reasons.
  2. Other leading reasons: Unemployment; people living close-to-or-below the poverty line; non-high school graduates; households without broadband subscriptions
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How can you help Stockton count? Apply to be a census taker!

  • This is your community! Who better to help then you? You’ll help Stockton count to get our fair share of federal funds for health care, education, infrastructure, and other needed services.
  • An ideal side hustle! It’s a temporary position with flexible hours during Spring and Summer 2020. You’ll be weekly. The pay rate is $20.00 per hour for San Joaquin County.
  • Be a part of history! Seriously, the Census takes place every 10 years. You’ll be a part of a very special team! Recruitment will last through Winter with job offers in early 2020. You could likely start training in March.
Learn more about being a Census Taker from the U.S. Census Bureau

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Have you been a census taker? What are your thoughts about the job or about the Census? From what I’ve found, I went ahead and applied! I’d like to get to know your thoughts about the Census or being a Census taker. Have you done this before? Let’s talk about it!

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