3 Keys To Becoming An Extraordinary Volunteer

Youth painting a design on a door

Great, you’ve decided to volunteer! You’ve spent time figuring your commitments and found an organization to help your community. Though many organizations are happy to simply have volunteers, here are 3 keys to becoming an extraordinary volunteer.

“But isn’t volunteering and helping out good enough?” you may ask. Learning these 3 keys will maximize your effort for you, the organization and your community.

  1. Understand that you will represent the organization. The work you do is a job/duty/task that deserves your best because it ultimately serves the organization. For example, when the public attends an event they are there for the services the organization provides. Your service will either have a positive or negative impact.
  2. Know where to seek help when needed. When working with the public, there will be situations which you’ll need to ask for clarification or pass along a suggestion. Knowing who is in charge of the event or who your contact person is will help you in those moments of need.
  3. Have patience. It’s a virtue and a very helpful volunteer trait. You’ll likely volunteer alongside people with varying experience. You may be instructed to teach a process or learn a new process yourself. Patience will keep you calm and set the tone for those around you.
March 2016 iphone 381
Kaiser Permanente MLK Day of Service January 2016. Extraordinary volunteers from around Northern California completed a full length fence around a subdivision in South Stockton, CA.

With these 3 keys, your on your way to becoming an extraordinary volunteer! Are there more keys you would recommend? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Click here for a guideline to start volunteering in your community.

Click here for volunteer opportunities throughout Stockton, CA.

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