3 Take Aways From #WeAllGrow Summit 2017

For three days, I dived into the world of blogging with #WeAllGrow Latinas‘ annual #WeAllGrow Summit held at the beautifully designed Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA. With each day, learning from sessions with #HashtagLegalLLC to the YouTube panel, poignant and timely keynote speeches, and generous sponsor suites, there was an abundance, physically and mentally, to take home with me.

As I drove home from Southern California to Northern California, I had plenty of time to reflect.

My biggest takeaways came from attending the breakout session, “Positioning and Selling Your Blog Like a Media Brand” with Hola! Made in USA magazine Marketing Director, Alexander Traverzo.

  1. “Your help is in the room,” he said as he motioned to us sitting around the conference table. We are bloggers, media tech-savvy, experienced and novice, and most importantly we are willing to help each other when asked. So, ask!
  2. Have a rate card. Through a playful interaction, he demonstrated the difference between accepting a job at their given rate versus starting with your researched worthy rate. With a rate card, you are able to start the conversation so the ball is in your court!
  3. Prepare for the tough questions. For example, “Why is your rate XYZ when you’re blog is still new?” Or “Tell why you fit the XYZ fashion campaign when you mostly blog about food?” Alexander explained when you are prepared for these situations, the situations when you have to validate yourself, you are able to confidently turn the conversation to share what you can bring to the table.

Thank you #WeAllGrow Latina and Neutrogena for the Full Access Giveaway to the Summit. If I hadn’t won, I would have watched the live broadcasts from my laptop and missed out on the very essence of the summit which is thru our personal interactions with each other we create the energy of sisterhood!

Find more #WeAllGrow Summit photos and posts on social media using #WeAllGrow. Become inspired by watching along to the video clips from the Summit here.

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