3 Ways Busy Moms Can Become Politically Active

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We must take responsibility for political changes nationally and locally.

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Not only should we vote for our U.S. president but there are important local issues to vote for as well. We have many important political races for Senate, Assembly, city councils, school district trustees, and more.

It may seem easier to continue to plow forward with our daily routines of work, house cleaning, dinner preps, sports practices, etc., etc., rather than dive into news headlines. However, women have a vital role in politics. We are affected by every aspect of the political spectrum. From the environment to healthcare to education to immigration policies, our voices can and do make a powerful impact. We can weave political action into our daily lives.

When we look at the landscape of politics it can be overwhelming. By the end of the day, after work, after throwing a couple of loads of laundry to wash, after dinner and after checking homework, what was I supposed to do again? Oh yes, save my country from political downfall. No need to burn the midnight oil! Here are 3 ways busy moms can become politically active now.

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3 ways to become politically active!

  1. Choose a cause. Although we can lend our voice to every worthy cause, it’s best to choose the one you are truly passionate about. If you’re not sure, scan news headlines. Does anything jump out at you? Pauses you to think? Give you goosebumps? That’s the one. That’s the cause you choose.
  2. Sign up for text alerts and reminders. Organizations like MomsRising.org have set up a wonderful system of messaging their members with actions, like the ‘5 Actions for the Week’. They also reach out with text reminders and emails. These alerts and reminders are perfect because their call to action is quick and easy. In most messages, you simply reply to the text and you’re done! Find more information on helpful organizations in Stockton in this post.
  3. Share what you’ve learned in small bites. While you’re waiting during sports practice can be a good time to talk about education or healthcare. When you’re having lunch with friends can be a good time to talk about the environment or employment issues. The most important question one could ask now is, “Did you know California primaries are now in March?” Traditionally, California has held primaries in June. Now is the time to be prepared for March.
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Step-by-step guide to become Politically Active

Understandably, the third act takes courage and may be out of your comfort zone. However, please give it a try. You’ll find friends are grateful for the conversation to understand issues that affect our families. Certainly, this isn’t a call to become an expert, but it is a call to become politically active.

Choose a topic, connect with a group, and start the conversation.

Let’s talk about it! Which issues are you passionate about? How do you advocate in your community? Share in the comments!

6 responses to “3 Ways Busy Moms Can Become Politically Active”

  1. Such good, actionable and DOABLE tips.

  2. Thank you so much for the tips! I find that online networks (even on FB) give me the space and courage to develop my political views in a safe space until I feel ready to advocate in the real world.

    1. You’re welcome! I can understand your feeling. I encourage you to give it try with a close friend on a simple subject. Small steps but steps nonetheless! Have a great week!

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