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March was an inspiring month for many reasons – Spring, Women’s History Month, my birthday.

March was also the #WeAllGrow Summit in Long Beach, CA. This video captures the empowerment and inclusiveness of the summit.

To continue the ‘energy of sisterhood’, I’d like to introduce to you five interesting and unique women who blog their passions to inspire you.

Victoria Leandra SaborwithStyle.com
Monica Rivera MonicaRivera.com
Alejandra Cortez alejandracortez.com
Jennifer Ibarra morenamagic.com
Jenny Clater LatinasUnited.com


Victoria Leandra created  SaborwithStyle.com to fuel her “passion for social media and great eye for visual content”. You’ll have fun following travels from her unique perspective while taking note of fashion trends.

Have you read “The Chingona Manifesto” yet? Monica Rivera, Realtor+Investor, speaker and author of The Chingona Manifesto, can be found at monicarivera.com.  There you’ll find her “passion to provide access to wealth & legacy building resources to communities of color.”

The Social Changer.” is Alejandra Cortez, MSW.  Through sharing stories and strengthens of Social Work she wants to demonstrate its transformative impact that saves lives everyday. Follow her Instagram through 100 Days of Self-care.

Jenny Clater created LatinasUnited.com to provide a place for women to build self-esteem, find guidance and encouragement to “inspire them to be better Mothers, better Daughters and stronger Women!” She has been awarded the destinction of Champion for Change in 2016-2017 for the organization Empower Women.

MorenaMagic is a purpose-driven company focused on empowering women of color and their families through the art of healing, self-love, and unity. Founder and CEO, Jennifer Ibarra, is a Soul Coach, Author, and TV Host with a “passion and fire to help women see the divine light and power within.”

I know you’ll enjoy learning about these wonderful women and continue the energy of sisterhood!

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