Big Goals, Small Steps

How I accomplished one of my goals within the first week of the new year

Resolutions. We have thought about them, wrote them down, and pinned them up. The hard part is accomplishing them. It takes time and commitment to achieve some of the lofty goals we set for ourselves.

This year, I’m accomplishing my big goals by strategizing small steps.

One big goal for me is to wake up feeling rested. I have a big, busy, fun family. There are plenty of “after-hours” work put in to care for everyone. This year, I decided I need more sleep if I’m going to keep up! As I thought about this goal and the reality of achieving it, I thought I not only “need more sleep” but I need to feel rested the next day, no matter how many hours I’m able to manage.
When I broke down this goal I found simple steps to achieving a more restful sleep.

  • My Bed, My Haven

I started with all new bedding including a mattress memory foam. It felt like buying a new outfit! Not only is it visually appealing but the memory foam turns my bed into a soft, comfy cloud. I immediately feel relaxed once I lay down. So much so that I don’t even need my extra pillows anymore.

  • Clear the Clutter

At some point after becoming a parent, my bed has been the final stop for laundry, toys, papers, you name it but no longer! I spent some time clearing away all the clutter on my bed and in my bedroom. This was therapy in itself but walking into a spacious, organized bedroom each night has been a stress reliever that I didn’t know I needed.

  • Times Up

There has to be an end to the day. I’ve gone nights without sleep to finish laundry or homework or project task or sometimes all three of these things. When I thought about this step I realized I must be honest with myself. I wasn’t managing my time during the day effectively. I’ve tightened up my daily and weekly schedule then set a new mantra for myself – “If it isn’t done by 10 PM, then I’ll get it done first thing in the morning.”

After this first week of the new year, I can say I’ve woken up feeling the most rested in a long time! I can happily say I accomplished my goal.

What are your big goals for this year? How are you planning to accomplish them? I’d love to read about it. Thanks for sharing and best of success to you!

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