Bust Common FAFSA® Myths

The FAFSA® confuses, frightens, and sometimes angers adults! Usually, it’s due to these common myths.

High school seniors must complete the FAFSA® in order to be considered for and to receive any Federal and State financial aid for college. No matter which college they plan to attend! The FAFSA® is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form our government uses to determine Grants and Scholarships, Loans, and Work-Study Jobs, all of which is considered financial aid. The form becomes available on October 1, 2019. That’s coming up! There’s no time to be scared of it anymore! Let’s bust some of the common myths I hear too often!

The FAFSA® is open! Are you ready? Are you scared? Let’s bust a few of the common #myths I hear too often! If you’re in California, you must complete the #FAFSA before March 1!

FAFSA® Myths

  • Our family won’t qualify for aid. FAFSA® has a perfect, simple answer for this. “There is no income cut-off to qualify for federal student aid.” Whether you feel your income is high, you own a business, you own a home, you own a 401K, these are not reasons to forgo the FAFSA®! It’s important to note that most colleges require the FAFSA® to be complete in order to give academic based scholarships.
  • I’m a single parent. We can’t complete the FAFSA® because we’ve had no contact with the other parent. To debunk this myth, we’ll review the FAFSA®‘s parent info page. In the section, “Divorced or Separated Parents Who Do Not Live Together”, it instructs to answer the questions about the parent you lived with more and whom provided more financial support during the past 12 months.
  • I just don’t feel comfortable giving out our financial information. I don’t even know where our financial information is. These aren’t myths but very common statements I’ve heard too often. First of all, your “feelings” are getting in the way of your child’s education. C’mon, let’s get it together. Thankfully, the IRS Data Tool makes this process painless for most families. It will pull tax information exactly as you have already reported it in the previous year. If you need help, there are real, living people who can help you! The Stockton Scholars assists Stockton students and their families during workshops held in the Fall. Follow their social media for updates. The annual Student Financial Aid & College Awareness Workshop held by the San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is another resource.

Still afraid of the FAFSA®?

Yes, the FAFSA® can be intimidating. That’s no reason to put it off. Your student has worked hard to graduate and get ready for college. Completing the FAFSA® is doing your part. And you’re not alone! Let’s tackle this together! Comment if you need help or have myth-busting info to share!

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