Buying a New Washing Machine and Saving for College at the Same Time!

A washing machine is an investment. A quality washer could save you money and time. Here’s a way to pick the right one for you and save for college too!

I haven’t bought a washer in about 20 years! Our old washer had served us well but, unfortunately, it stopped working a few days ago. In addition, our new home requires an electric washer hook up, so we needed a new one.

Honestly, shopping for these high price items make me nervous. There’s so many brands and new features. I want to make sure I get my money’s worth! Yet, I don’t have a lot of time to look into everything out on the market.

I used Consumer Reports to research washing machines. I can see which ones were highly rated overall and then compare for myself. To view these reports, you’ll have pay a membership. General information is available but if you want to see the lists, use their features, etc, you’ll have to sign up. I think it’s a value since buying a new home also means buying various products. I want to be able to do my research with trusted information.

I really liked LG’s front loading washer! Out of 49 comparable front-load washing machines, Consumer Reports gave LG washer high ratings. The one I choose has a top rating for reliability, consumer satisfaction, and fastest cycle time. I’m actually excited to do laundry!

How I bought a washer and saved for college

One way I feel better about making a large purchase, is knowing that it adds to my children’s college savings. Yes, spending money actually saves for college! First, I have a ScholarShare account for each of my children. Second, I have a Upromise account which is linked to my Scholar Share account. When I log into Upromise to make online purchases from stores, like Best Buy for this washer, I collect cash back which is then transferred to the ScholarShare account. Read more about this process in my previous post. This has really made saving for college a do-able process.

A new home and a new chapter for our family

We are truly looking forward to this new chapter for our family. Has the new year brought you new adventures? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear about it.

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