How She Does It

Hello! I’m Sofia Colón, the blogger behind How She Does It.

Personal Investment: Investing In Me

When I started to invest in myself, I experienced real change in my mindset and determination. 2019 was an incredible year of events and workshops! Here's a list of where I invested in myself this year.

Family Visit To Greensburg, PA

Traveling across the country with our family was fun! For a quick weekend, our family traveled to Greensburg, PA to celebrate our daughter's college graduation.

Planning Our Family Travel from California to Pennsylvania

Get ready Greensburg, PA, here comes the Colón family! We're heading across country to celebrate our daughter's college graduation!

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is my wellness story for those struggling to find their health balance. It’s possible but not until we’re honest with ourselves. #wellness #health #balancingact #behaviorchange #howshedoesit