Learning My Family Story

April 25th is National DNA Day. Do you know your ancestry? Now would be a great time to figure out your family story! I'm learning my family story and ancestry. I found interesting connections to Stockton's history.

piggy bank

Luchador Piggy Bank

My little luchador piggy bank gives me all the motivation to face my finances with empowerment and a smile.

Searching For Scholarships With Time-Saving Templates

It's scholarship season! Searching for scholarships is necessary to pay for higher education. However, it can be time consuming. Here are two helpful, time-saving templates.

working from home image

Making The Best of Working From Home

Working from home can be a blessing and a challenge. I've learned to balance my work space within my home after several years of trying to figure it out. Here are 3 important tips! Due to COVID-19 our school district has extended Spring Break. This means our kids will be home for 3 weeks. These tips will come in handy!

Buying a New Washing Machine and Saving for College at the Same Time!

This is how I bought a washing machine and saved for college at the same time!