Penny Dreadful City of Angels from Backstage Magazine

Mexican American History Through Penny Dreadful City of Angels

Mexican American history is often hidden. Penny Dreadful City of Angels shares a piece of Mexican American history in Los Angeles during the 1930's. John Logan, producer and screenwriter of Penny Dreadful had this to say about City of Angels, “And so the idea of social displacement of ethnic minorities became what I was … Continue reading Mexican American History Through Penny Dreadful City of Angels

Learning My Family Story

April 25th is National DNA Day. Do you know your ancestry? Now would be a great time to figure out your family story! I'm learning my family story and ancestry. I found interesting connections to Stockton's history.

US Census 2020

Complete Your Census 2020 Survey Now

Everyone counts! Every 10 years, we have an opportunity to represent Stockton, California. Don't miss your chance!

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Local Spotlight: Order To Go Stockton

Support Stockton restaurants with an order to go. Take a look at the list provided by Visit Stockton and a few of my favorites. #DineStockton #howshedoesit #supportlocal

Oregano tea

Oregano Tea Helps Clear Congestion

Oregano tea helps to clear congestion making it easier to leave the body. Oregano is an herb that has several benefits whether it is fresh, dried, or as an oil. Here's a quick recipe for Oregano tea.