Movies To Watch During A Quarantine

Movies To Watch During A Quarantine

My hubby and I have 5 movie recommendations to escape reality of our California quarantine. Enjoy!



Cheers to turning 43 this year! I’m feeling more determined, more focused, more bold than any other age. Who’s afraid of getting older? Not me!

On Fridays We Fight! A Special Valentine’s Day Post ❤️

A special Valentine's Day post - When you’ve known someone for over half of their life #ValentinesDay #highschoolsweethearts #love #marriage #howshedoesit

Buying a New Washing Machine and Saving for College at the Same Time!

This is how I bought a washing machine and saved for college at the same time!


This image was taken during the solar eclipse. I was surprised to see the sun's reflection on my neck in this photograph. As the year, and decade, come to a close, it's a time of reflection. Don't miss out on something that could surprise you!