3 Ways Busy Moms Can Become Politically Active

3 ways busy moms can become politically active because now is the time!


How She Does It

My blog title, How She Does It, is taken from a statement I hear often, "I don't know how you do it." I’m happy to share stories that shed light on this busy world of family, career and community!

You DO Have Time To Vote

You DO Have Time To Vote! In the middle of our everyday busy lives, we can make time to place our vote this Election Day!

3 Halloween Movies For Beginners

If this is the year you finally let your kiddos watch a scary movie, I have 3 Halloween movies for beginners!

Don’t Miss Another School Activity!

Another flyer home from school; coffee hour, holiday classroom party, awards ceremony, field trip. Your first thought is how are you going to make it there when you have to be at work? School Activity Leave could be the answer!

Buckle Up Baby! Nissan presents Bloggin’ Mamas Safety Academy

Attending the Nissan Bloggin Mamas Safety Academy was an eye opening experience!

Expanding College Access With The Stockton Scholars Program

The Stockton Scholars Program launches on January 16 at 11:00am at the Bob Hope Theater!