Merry Navidad

Looking forward to enjoying a California Christmas where the weather is chilly enough to enjoy hot chocolate while also wearing flip flops. What are some of the contrasts you find amusing during Winter in California?

woman hiking

Red Rock Canyon

My hike at Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, Nevada where I celebrated my 41st birthday.

Switching gears

Switching gears, from interior designer to call center representative to medical coder, has been a bumpy road. However, it’s lead me onto a rewarding career path.

1st Thanksgiving With My In-laws

When I met my in-laws for the first time, my husband told me to greet them by saying, “Bendicion”. This is their Puerto Rican custom as a sign of respect when greeting elders. Coming from a Mexican-American family, I was taught to say, “Mucho gusto” and shake hands when meeting anyone. I was very nervous … Continue reading 1st Thanksgiving With My In-laws


I'm taking a risk starting my own business. I enjoy working for a corporation and I want something of my own too.