Ceremonia: Honoring Culture

Woman sitting wearing a huipil

Ceremonia at the #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 was beautiful! I was so proud to wear this original handmade huipil from Guatemala. Let me tell you more about it.

This huipil is from the region of Patzun in Guatemala, characterized by the amazing floral embroidered neckline. All of Hiptipico Patzun huipiles are sourced from Doña Elena. I learned that she is the most caring woman who loves to share her collection and culture with all that pass by her at the market. Please read more about her by visiting the Hiptipico collections.

Woman standing in front of a mural wearing a huipil

I gifted this huipil to myself after completing one year of breastfeeding my son, Titus. It honors that commitment and those who helped fulfill that commitment. I didn’t accomplish one year by myself! My family was very supportive. My career allowed me the flexible time I needed. When I look at this beautiful huipil it reminds me of that wonderful year.

Woman sitting wearing a huipil
Detail photo of a huipil

It also reminds me of the privileges I have. I know not everyone can breastfeed their babies for one year. I’m reminded of my previous children and not having the same circumstances to breastfeed them for one year. Knowing this, motivates me to support family leave policies, breastfeeding resources, and workplace breastfeeding laws.

Ceremonia began with a spiritual cleansing with copal. I later learned burning copal helps to clear away negative energy, move mental blocks, spark creativity. I’ve kept this moment in my heart. It seems to reignite my creativity even now, like a warm feeling of good news coming. I’m so glad I wore my huipil to absorb this energy.

My huipil represents a beautiful and detailed culture. Wearing it makes me feel secure and grounded.

Are there special items that connect you to your culture? How do you share those items? I had the opportunity to wear my huipil at Ceremonia which was actually my first time wearing it in public. Why hadn’t I shared it or shown it off sooner? I’m not sure. It makes me wonder how maybe I haven’t shared enough of my Latina culture. I do know I’m eager to share more now. This blog is a start. Through this blog, I’ve been able to share stories, highlights, and issues close to my heart and culture.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I remember your huipil from the party. Thank you for beautifully capturing the Ceremonia vibe and experience created by #WeAllGrow.

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