College Conversations Should Start Early

College conversations can start early while your children are young.

Take advantage of kids programs, family events, and performances at local colleges because it will help your family feel comfortable and welcomed on campus. As a result, your family will feel a sense of belonging in the space of higher education.

San Joaquin Delta College holds seasonal workshops through their Kids College and a basketball sport camp. You should also keep an eye on their upcoming events here

   University of the Pacific holds Summer athletic and music camps. Be on the look out for their Saturday Partners in Education held during the school year. 

   Humphreys University holds occasional events for families. Follow Humphreys University Facebook page for events.

Visit a college campus! Here are more ways to search for events

Follow social media for college student organizations. Most often the student groups are holding activities on campus. 

Plan a quick visit to the college’s Student Services Office. You’ll find bulletins and pamphlets of upcoming events and organizations.  

Visit a college library. When I was young, my father went back to college to complete his degree. One evening we went with him to the college library. I remember how exciting that was! This seemingly quick experience made an impact. My young self felt welcomed and comfortable on that large campus. 

Do you talk to your kids about college?

Following these tips help to start college conversations without forcing the notion. It will also build a college-going culture in your family. Though there are many roads to college, it’s important to encourage higher education. You can even turn a road trip into a college campus tour! If these tips are helpful, please share them with your family!

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