Dad’s Dinners

My hubby is the chef of the house! I’m sharing his a couple of his favorite dinners

At one point, three of my children were playing sports after school. I would zig zag across town with my fourth child in a car seat to make the rounds to the different parks. We’d either eat late after finally got home or grabbed fast food while driving. My hubby Juan worked a swing shift during this time so he missed out on this craziness.

Now that Juan is home, things are very different. Thankfully, my husband Juan likes to cook and we love his cooking! Oh, how our roles have changed since we first got together. Traditional roles just weren’t working as well as it could. He takes pride in cooking for us because, “I’m feeding my family and making meals that they will remember for their lives and for their families.” Now that he’s home, he can make dinner from start to finish. I’m sharing a couple of his favorite dinners to help your busy weeks!

My husband loves to cook and we love his cooking! Here are his two favorite dinners that help our weekly hustle. More recipes will post to Pinterest soon. Yum! #DadsDinners #backtoschool #dinners #healthydinners #timesaver

These dinners help our weekly hustle

Let’s get cooking!

Our family lives can be busy but we don’t have to sacrifice our health nor our budget. Do you have more tips for week day dinners? Share in the comments!

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