Designing My Career Part III

I really wanted to stay home to raise my babies. I got books on homeschooling which inspired me to be home with them. I put in my notice after my maternity leave. That was short lived. We didn’t have our finances balanced to help each other. Juan’s money was his money. There was no way to talk to him about money then. He was too young and too machismo. I didn’t even know how to start a conversation about managing money. So we just didn’t talk about money. The bills I had, I had to manage on my own. My savings didn’t last long. I prayed. I prayed over my daughter’s crib that God would lead me to a job that paid a good wage, was in my career path, and was in town. It seemed impossible.

I swear the next part is true.

The next day, I found the newspaper on our lawn. We never paid for a delivered newspaper. But that morning there it was. In the want ads, was a small ad for a Design Consultant in Stockton. I called and scheduled my interview. I was hired to be a Design Consultant for Simas Floor Company. It was working here that I felt I could use my education. Again, it wasn’t exactly designing but I was helping many, many families create a home they could feel comfortable in. For the next couple of years, I helped families in Weston Ranch in Stockton and other new home developments in Los Baños and Merced.

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