Expanding College Access With The Stockton Scholars Program

College. It’s one thing I’ve talked to my children about since they were toddlers. Here and there saying, “When you go to college…”, “What do you want to do in college?”, “Where will you go to college?”

When I was growing up, from time to time, I would hear someone say, “College isn’t for everyone.” And I would believe them because, well, they were usually an adult and I was just a child. The thought of college became intimidating. When it came time for me to apply, I sent in one application to the only college I visited. To my memory, the only college I received an invitational postcard from.


I want the whole experience different and improved for my children. It is a myth that college isn’t for everyone. With the many colleges in California, in the nation, and internationally, a student can and will find the college that is right for them. The foremost question is “How do we prepare our children for college? ” One opportunity is soon to be available for Stockton families.

The Stockton Scholars Program will launch Tuesday, January 16, 2018, beginning with a college resource fair at 10:00 am followed by an exciting presentation at 11:00 am at the Bob Hope Theater, 242 E Main St, Stockton, CA 95202.

The Stockton Scholars Program, based on Promise Programs around the U.S., aims to expand access to higher education to our city’s youth. “The Stockton Scholars Program aims to triple the number of Stockton youth who attend college and achieve their college goals,” explains Stockton’s Mayor Michael Tubbs and Stockton Unified School District’s Board Trustee Lange Luntao.

“This initiative will involve 1) targeted financial support for students, and 2) investment in ‘wraparound supports’ that will boost college and career access – including strengthened college counseling, SAT preparation, support to maximize financial aid, and peer mentorship.” The Stockton Scholars Community Action Team researched and learned from successful implementations of Promise Programs in other cities and now want to bring that success to our students!

I can’t wait to learn more!

Pre-register for this free event with this link – http://bit.ly/stocktonscholarslaunch


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