Get To Know Political Resource Groups Near You

Neon sign reads Calladitas No More

Calladitas no more! Let’s talk about politics so we can make an impact in 2020!

Calladitas No More neon sign. Flowers surround the sign.
“Calladitas no more” is a way to proclaim you’ll no longer sit quietly on the sidelines. We have to be a part of the conversation even when politics can be overwhelming. Thank you Robson Muzel (@muzel_la) for this photo from #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 (@weallgrow)

My family were my first political teachers, even though they didn’t know they were. How they talked about our government, our laws, even their paychecks, all influenced my thoughts around politics. As I got older, I started to form my own opinions. Then I had additional influences like friends and co-workers. I politely listened and often didn’t ask questions. I really didn’t know how to have a conversation about political issues. When I started to visit organizations, I learned how to ask questions, give my opinion, and discuss topics.

On Fridays We Fight is a political series to help clarify issues, promote advocacy, and empowerment.

Connect with resource groups

With access to so much information, we can be well informed and burdened at the same time. You may be familiar with political party groups such as San Joaquin County Democratic Party Central Committee, but there are many other groups. Here are a few groups that help us make sense of political issues.

Let’s talk about it

How have you learned to understand politics? What is an issue you’d like to better understand? How would you like to learn more about political issues?

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  1. […] Sign up for text alerts and reminders. Organizations like have set up a wonderful system of messaging their members with actions, like the ‘5 Actions for the Week’. They also reach out with text reminders and emails. These alerts and reminders are perfect because their call to action is quick and easy. In most messages, you simply reply to the text and you’re done! Find more information on resource groups in Stockton in this post. […]

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