Hitting the Pavement – Part II

I love running! However I had to learn how to properly before I really started to enjoy it. Join me as I get myself back into running after having my son Titus.

Hitting the Pavement is a four-part series, breaking down the beginner’s advice I shared from my previous post about learning to run. Part II explains an important step that many beginners skip.


Set aside a minimum of 10 minutes to stretch before and after each run. You risk injury, such as pulled muscles, if you don’t stretch properly! Most important muscles to stretch are the –

I’ve linked Pain Therapy YouTube videos by Kate Winzig, DPT, CEAS I, demonstrating these stretches. She also has several quick and easy to follow videos where you can learn more stretches.

I’ve lost some flexibility in my hips so I’m taking extra care of myself with specific stretches like the figure 4 stretch. Here’s an easy to follow video with 3 variations from Runner’s World – Figure 4 Stretch.

Take care of your body with stretches and it will take care of you. Now get out there and run!

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