Hitting the Pavement Part III

If running is on your to-do-in-2018 list, follow along with me as I get back into running condition. I love running! However, I had stepped away and was inconsistent for too long after having my son, Titus, two years ago.

Hitting the Pavement is a four-part series, breaking down the beginner’s advice I shared from my previous post about learning to run. Part III explains an important step that many beginners skip.

Preparation. Let’s look at two specific items you should have before engaging in long runs, running shoes and sport bras.

Although this step can take some time as you research and try things on, the amount of time you spend will pay off on the road.

You can take out the guess work by visiting a reputable running store where your running stride will be evaluated then matched with the perfect running shoe, shoe inserts and socks. I like Fleet Feet stores because they have just about everything runners need including expert advice. Find your local Fleet Feet with this link. I’ve shopped with our Fleet Feet in Stockton for several years and always walked away feeling good about my purchases. Truly money well spent!

Ladies, we have to do ourselves a favor and invest in a supportive sports bra. Fleet Feet can also assist with bra fittings. You’ll try several brands that are recommend by staff and she won’t leave you until you’ve found the one that fits best! Our girls will be taken care of! For myself, I found Brooks Moving Comfort Rebound Racer Sports Bra just what I needed! It’s a high impact sports bra that is 100% supportive with absolutely no jiggling to keep my running form straight and ease back tension.

This last tip comes from recent personal experience. You’ll want to check with your physician or personal trainer whether it is right for you. Running with a waist support has been a helpful addition to my list of needs on the road. Following my cesearan, my body has literally not been the same, from feeling this weird sensation near the surgical line to simply feeling like my organs are “out of place”. Unfortunately, those feelings and long recovery can be expected with a cesearan procedure. I guess I’m just one of the luckily ladies in that boat (sarcasm…). I turned to Squeeze Me Skinny for a waist trainer that I have used for lower body support. While running, I feel held together rather than jogging in pain and discomfort. As I build my core strength, I won’t need to wear the trainer while running.

Running gear can add up in ones budget. Investing in these items take care of your body in ways that are necessary and worth it! You are worth the investment!

Which running items are worth the investment for you? Comment here!

See you on the road!

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