Hitting the Pavement Part IV

If running is on your to-do-in-2018 list, follow along with me as I get back into running condition. I love running! However, I had stepped away and was inconsistent for too long after having my son, Titus, two years ago.

Hitting the Pavement is a four-part series, breaking down the beginner’s advice I shared from my previous post about learning to run. Earlier, I shared preparation tips, importance of stretching and also the importance of proper breathing while running. Here in Part IV, we hit the pavement to put our runners form to work!

Your body should be relaxed while running. Often we are anxious at the start of a run so our shoulders are tensed and high up to our necks. To correct this, imagine you are holding a plate at your waist.  You should be able to run comfortably with this plate at waist level. Keep arms bent and relaxed; elbows close to your body. Pretend you are holding a plate while running.

Keeping correct form is more important than your pace time. Slow down your pace until you get right. Building this strong foundation has a direct effect on your mental outlook. You’ll feel better about running because your body will feel comfortable and capable.

Spring is the best time of year for runs. After all you’ve learned so far, you are ready to hit the pavement! Sign up for runs and have fun!

Which runs are you looking forward to? I’m excited for the San Francisco Half Marathon in July where I’ll get to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. It will be a first for me!

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  1. Ramona Rasberry Avatar
    Ramona Rasberry

    Run Fía! Run! Hummm.. maybe it’s time for me ..

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