‘How and How Much’ A Factor In Literacy

‘How and How Much’ A Factor In Literacy

How you speak to your child and how much you speak with your child can make the difference in their literacy, a thirty million words difference!

When I read Thirty Million Words by Dana Suskind, MD I couldn’t believe what I was reading was true. I set the book down several times because the truth in that book really hit close to home.

Thirty Million Words dives deep into the findings of the astounding word gap between children of professional and welfare families by the time they are only three years old. This sounds too unbelievable, right? 30,000,000 words. It is true. Thankfully, the book explains an important factor is how and how much you talk with your child. It encourages parents and caregivers to practice “The Three T’s” which is tuning in, talking more and taking turns. This is setting the stage for further development.

If we truly want to improve our children’s literacy and education, we, parents and caregivers, must be responsible very early in their lives. Thirty Million Words @TMWInitiative explains how and how much we talk with our children makes the difference. Read my take on practicing “The Three T’s” #howshedoesit #earlyeducation #success

Practicing The Three T’s took time. We were learning together here in this video.

Put it in practice

What are your tips?   

More people should know about the thirty million word gap because it provides easy to follow techniques. You’ll also learn the oh so important why communication is invaluable to our littlest ones. What are your suggestions? Share your tips with us! We can definitely learn more from each other.

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