Local Spotlight: How Keto Changed Her Life

Before and After photo woman keto diet

Weaving Keto eating habits into their life resulted in amazing change! When I starting seeing Charity post photos of her amazing weight loss, I was so inspired. I hope her story inspires you too!

Before and after Keto diet
Before and after photos of Charity Espino

Charity Espino, wife and mother of five children, started a keto diet initially to support her husband, Javier Espino, in his weight loss journey.

Charity with her family

She started to look for recipes on Pinterest and from support groups on Facebook.

“Planning ahead helps when I’m going grocery shopping. I make sure to only buy keto friendly items that way there’s no temptation in the house.”

Charity admits she was skeptical with the keto diet at first. “I did not expect it to work because everything we are taught not to eat was everything that you need to eat on this diet.” With a large portion of calories from fats than proteins and carbohydrates, you’ll find yourself eating bacon, eggs, animal fats, etc.

What is a Keto diet?

A ketogenic diet, or “keto” for short, was first developed in the 1920’s to treat children with epilepsy. Today, it’s widely used for weight loss and treatment for various illnesses. Although there are mixed reviews as to whether it is a recommended diet, it’s hard to discount the results people have. Charity recommends watching The Magic Pill (Netflix), a documentary that explains some of the science and outcomes of following this diet.

Helpful Food Finds

Make healthy eating easy!

Seeing and feeling the results keeps Charity motivated to stick with it! She’s feeling more active and less tired not to mention losing weight. Keto has helped to get Javier’s blood pressure under control and he’s almost down 100 pounds while Charity is down 45 pounds.

An amazing point is that Charity and Javier have lost all their weight without working out! Their change in eating habits have really made a difference for them. Charity plans to incorporate exercising with this new way of life. Some helpful tips to getting active can be found in my previous post, Learn to Enjoy Running in 4 Easy Steps.

Good luck to the Espino’s as they continue their healthy lifestyle! Are you considering keto? Have you tried it? Share your experience in the comments.

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