How to Get Involved This School Year

Kindergarteners lined up to leave for a field trip

Getting involved in our children’s education is crucial. Here’s three ways you can get started.

Involvement in a child’s education results in positive outcomes. That’s not news. Everyone knew that, right? The question many people are trying to answer is, how can parents be involved?

I started volunteering in my children’s education, with my first daughter in preschool. I was so excited to spend an hour or so in the morning helping in the classroom. When my second daughter started preschool, I would split my time so that I spend one morning with one daughter then another morning with the other. When my oldest son got into school, I was able to kept up the routine. With my second son, I found a new way to volunteer. I was able to spend an hour in the morning listening to his classmates read. From cutting education sheets to listening to students read, your time volunteering is so important for our students and teachers.

A little girl sits on her mother's lap
In Kindergarten, my oldest daughter and I on a class field trip to the pumpkin patch
Mother, daughter, and father pose for a photo. Daughter is holding an award certificate
Award assemblies are so important. I’m glad we were both able to atend here for our daughter
Boy sitting at a desk working on school work
Caught this fun moment with my oldest son in the 2nd grade
a little boy is petting a goat
My husband was able to capture this moment on my son’s first field trip

We know that parents have several barriers to overcome in order to make time to volunteer. I hope these tips will help break some of those barriers. The extra effort is so worth it!

Three ways you can start the school year ready to get involved

Be ready to volunteer. SUSD requires a fingerprinting before you can begin to volunteer in a classroom. It takes 30 days for the clearance, so now is the time to start the process! Start here to begin.

Partner up with family. Although parents are asked to volunteer, look to your family for help. Favorite tias, tios, cousins, and especially grandparents can all pitch in to volunteer. Get them cleared with SUSD along with you!

The law is on your side mama! Did you know you can take time off from work to attend school activities? Read more about it here. Use that time to volunteer for a special classroom activity or field trip. You’ll be so glad you did! Tip: Grandparents are included in that law too!

It can be a bit intimidating to start volunteering when you haven’t tried before. It can seem impossible with a full time work schedule. I encourage you to make time this school year using these tips. What tips do you have to share? How do you make time to be involved in your child’s education?

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