Latina Equal Pay Day | Latinas Demand Equal Pay Now

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Latinas can take action today to demand equal pay #LatinaEqualPay

Latina Equal Pay Day represents the date Latinas will catch up to White male’s annual earnings. Last year, this day was on November 20, 2019 . This year, it is on October 29, 2020! We made progress!

Events are held nationally to bring awareness of Latina Equal Pay and this dangerous pay gap trend. Twitter storms are planned. Instagram and Facebook lives are planned too. Make sure you catch one if not all of them! Then you can share the important highlights about what we can do to stop this trend and demand action now.

3 Steps to #OwnYourPower2020

Perform your own pay audit. Start by finding out what the average pay is for your position in your geographic area. Then use this information to measure against your earnings.

Stop feeling grateful for a job. For example we tell ourselves, “I’m grateful to have a job.” We may say, “If I can do more, my employer will eventually pay me more.” Either way, we are settling for someone else to take charge of our pay and earnings. Stop! Instead, know the measure of success for your job position then show how you meet and exceed expectations. Show them they should be grateful to have you!

Don’t undercut each other. This focuses on the work Latinas do as entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers. Of course, we want the best prices, the best deals, but we are undercutting ourselves in that process too. We are taking from another Latina who is working to feed her family, support a home, support her education, and importantly supporting her business. Let’s pay each other what we are worth!

What will you do now?

Latinas know that the first step will be up to us to work together to demand more and close the pay gap! What will you do now? How about asking for a raise? Read how in my blog post Take Charge and Ask For That Raise!

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