Local Spotlight: AngelAnn Flores, SUSD Board Trustee Area 2

School board meetings and parenting? Yes we can!

AngelAnn Flores made a promise when she had her children. She promised that she would be involved in their education as much as possible. Ms. Flores is currently our Stockton Unified School District Board (SUSD) Trustee for Area 2. Area 2 includes the schools Frederick High School, Hamilton Elementary, Merlo Institute, Monroe Elementary, Montezuma Elementary, Nightingale Elementary, Spanos Elementary, and Van Buren Elementary. She was elected to the Board in 2018 and will hold this position through 2022. However, her involvement started much earlier with volunteering in her children’s classroom. She advises parents start their involvement with their children’s classroom then continue with school activities which help you to get to know the principle and staff.

AngelAnn Flores, @StocktonUnified Board Trustee Area 2, encourages parents to get involved starting in the classroom with their child’s teacher. Tweet this to share about Ms. Flores and how parents can start the school year involved. #howshedoesit #education #success

AngelAnn is pictured here with her students in the Step-Up After School Program where she was the Facilitator.
On the campaign trail in 2018, AngelAnn Flores reached out to many community organizations and residents. She’s pictured here with members of the Central Labor Council.

Three ways to get involved this school year and support our SUSD Board Trustees

Make it a goal to attend an SUSD Board Meeting. These meetings are held every other Tuesday, 6:00 PM at 701 N Madison St in the Board Room. The next meeting is July 30th. You’ll learn about decisions effecting our children’s education such as the recently passed Strong Schools; Healthy Communities Resolution 18-53 regarding trauma informed care, de-escalation strategies and wrap around services.  

Also, there are subcommittee meetings. For example, the Equity/Diversity Subcommittee, in which Ms. Flores serves as Chair, meets every other month. The next meeting is August 12, 2019 at 5:00 PM at 701 N Madison St in the Board Room. Following meetings are October 14th and December 19th.

You can contact AngelAnn Flores directly with your suggestions and concerns. I’ve known AngelAnn for sometime because we both went to school together. I appreciate how she genuinely listens and does her best to help students and parents. As Trustee for my area, I asked her how can parents and students continue to support her. The best way is through involvement; attend school events and meetings, stay informed but also share what you’ve learned, and she welcomes your ideas and suggestions.

Continuing our support

Spotlighting our Board Trustees isn’t done often enough. It’s important to get to know who they are, what they do, and how. Board Trustees are important decision makers in our education system. In California, we elect our Trustees. I proudly phone banked for AngelAnn Flores during her campaign in 2018. This isn’t the same in other states. Our vote is valuable!

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