Local Spotlight: Angelica Flores, Author of B Street

Angelica Flores, author of B Street, shares her stories of growing up in Southeast Stockton, California

Follow @BStreet209 for a look at life growing up in Southeast Stockton, California through the eyes of a Xicana.

Storytelling can be a personal experience for the writer as well as for the reader. I enjoy reading B Street because in a way the stories take me back into my own memories. Like the story, La Cultura Cura Pero Tambien Daña: Why I Did Not Learn How To Cook. This story made me laugh at first because I can totally relate to not learning how to cook growing up. Then reading through the story made me think of how symbolic teaching a young Latina to cook can be.

Angelica also has a good eye for photos. Some of the photos from Kennedy Park in her story, Gophers and Cracked Benches, Oh My!, caught my eye. Her images on social media capture a story in themselves.

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Do you have stories you’d like to share? Start writing! You can share them when your ready. But do get your stories out soon because you will heal yourself and help others find a way to heal too.

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