Local Spotlight: California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Waterfront Hotel

The 40th Annual California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce State Convention is this week at The University Plaza Waterfront Hotel!

The California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CHCC) will hold its State Convention this Wednesday, August 20 through Friday, August 23, 2019 at The University Plaza Waterfront Hotel, 110 W Fremont St. Stockton, CA 952052.

The CHCC is important to businesses both large and small because, among the benefits of networking and training, it provides a needed voice of advocacy to inform and educate our legislature on the needs of Latinx businesses in California. The convention will hold several workshops including local tours and evening events over the three days giving businesses the opportunity to learn best practices and trends for future business opportunities.

The University Plaza Waterfront Hotel is all set for the CHCC State Convention.

The University Plaza Waterfront Hotel

patio area with umbrellas, tables, and chairs
A perfect spot for the Millennial Evening event held Thursday night. The design of the outdoor space is uniquely designed to capture the Delta breeze.
Download the convention app! visitstockton.com/CHCC
Inside the hotel are several sitting areas.

How does the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce support Latinx business

Through local chambers such as, San Joaquin Chamber of Commerce, a closer network of businesses are able to share best practices and assistance with certification, education, expansion and restructuring. They hold annual events. You may have seen photos from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The CHCC Legislative Affairs Committee works to build a strong relationship with the Latino Caucus leadership and move forward several priorities to benefit Latinx businesses such as economic and workforce development, healthcare and health care tax, and our state’s energy. They also provide a list of policy bills to either watch, support or oppose. A bill the CHCC supports is AB 13 introduced by our own Assemblymember Susan Eggman-Talamontes-D “Education finance: Higher Education Facilities Bond Act of 2020“.

Latinx businesses are resilient

The CHCC states, “Hispanic small businesses are the backbone of California’s economic and political prosperity.” They also state, “California’s 815,000 Hispanic-owned businesses generate over 98 billion dollars in annual revenue and employ more than half a million people.” That’s amazing! How are you supporting Latinx small businesses? Do you find yourself purposely buying from Latinx businesses? Do you seek out Latinx businesses to work for? I look forward to sharing more about our Latinx buying power this Friday!

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