Local Spotlight: Combine Pole Studio

woman on a pole at a pole studio

Strength, grace, and empowerment are all words that describe pole fitness at Combine Pole Studio.

Combine Pole Studio is located at 1419 W Fremont St in Stockton, California. With instructors Kate and Lissette, they offer Beginner/Intro to Pole Fitness classes, Open Pole for all levels, Pole Choreography, and you can also reserve the room for private pole parties. Reserve your spot using the MindBody app or website.

I bet your wondering, “How is this a workout?”

I would get asked this a lot. It looks so graceful that it may be hard to imagine the amount of skill and strength involved. It may be too, that some have a bad idea of what it pole fitness means. Movements on the pole are a mix of strength training, endurance, and flexibility. There are different movements for every level. No matter where your fitness level is currently, you can try this exercise! The more you strength you build the more movements you will be able to do. Then you’ll be able to put them all together into a routine.

It’s been a while since I’ve practiced but here’s a look at what I was able to do.

Yes, at 18 weeks I was so happy to continue my workouts on the pole! It’s really for all fitness levels and a fun way to change up your workout routine.

Have you tried a pole class? Set aside your doubts and even your bias notions of what being on a pole means. You’ll find this exercise fun and challenging!

I’d love to hear your experience of a pole class. If you’ve never tried one, would you like to try a class with me? Let’s plan it!

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