Local Spotlight: Cristy Ramirez, Keller Williams Realtor

After two years of planning, our family became homeowners once again!

I was afraid. I was doubtful. I even felt hopeless. These past several years, I didn’t think I would be a homeowner again. The first time, we owned a home we lost it when the housing bubble burst. I tried to keep up the payments but in the end we had to sell. The thought of purchasing a home again was terrifying. Two years ago, I was tired of being afraid! I started to look at this process realistically, fix our financial situation, and take house hunting one step at a time. My first step was to call our family friend and realtor, Cristy Love Ramirez, Realtor with Keller Williams.

Cristy Love Ramirez, Realtor with Keller Williams

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Searching for a home was easier than I thought with the help of a realtor

Our family trusts Cristy’s expertise and honesty. We appreciated being able to talk openly about our home buying concerns. With her help in-person, by phone, and also using the Keller Williams app, we had all the information needed to walk through the home buying process. Although the financial planning took two years, when we were ready to move forward, the search took less than a month. Cristy helped us narrow down our list to be sure we were looking at homes that fit our family and our budget. Once we decided on a home, she walked us each step of the way and some steps she took care of completely. Thank you Cristy!

We love our new home!

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