Local Spotlight: EDGE Mindset

EDGE Mindset is a professional development program for Latinas in the Revenue Cycle

Sofia Colón is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM), and creator of EDGE Mindset, a professional development program for Latinas in the Revenue Cycle.

I’m passionate about helping Latinas use their experience to develop and grow their career efficiently!

Sofia Colón, CPC, CPPM

When I committed to a career in healthcare, specifically the revenue cycle, I knew I needed to seek out mentors. In particular, I wanted to find another Latina in this industry who was further up the career ladder. This was very challenging! In my search, I learned how underrepresented we are in leadership positions throughout healthcare.

In California, Latinas are 1/3 of the medical coding and HIM workforce yet seldom in management nor leadership positions in the revenue cycle. As a professional services medical coder for several years, I know this industry continues to grow and I want more mujeres to grow with it! With EDGE Mindset workshops, I want to motivate Latinas to grow their careers in the Revenue Cycle with coaching in three key areas. In the EDGE Mindset program you’ll learn –

  • How Latinas are culturally predisposed to succeed in the Revenue Cycle.
  • How important work-life balance is and how you can begin to achieve it.
  • Which tools coders need today to move their careers in upward mobility.
  • *BONUS* Learn how to be a mentor. This is a valuable skill and key to moving up!
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Take Charge With EDGE Mindset

Latinas must take charge in their career if we are to improve equality in the workforce and close the Latina pay gap. I’ve shared more about #LatinaEqualPay in a previous post. At the Lean In Latinas 4th Annual Conference, we learned that managing people and projects are building blocks to promotion and pay increases. I’m proud that EDGE Mindset can be a tool to prepare you for these opportunities!

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