Local Spotlight: Dolores Huerta at the Haggin Museum

A legacy for Stockton to treasure.

At the Haggin Museum, we can visit the Dolores Huerta: Revolution in the Fields / Revolución en los Campos exhibit through October 2019. Dolores Huerta is a world renowned civil rights activist whose fight spans decades. She has been awarded the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle in 2015 and the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. The Smithsonian Museum exhibit, enhanced with items added by Haggin Museum, creates a complete display of her life and activism.

Her story is important history for several reasons. She is living history. We can meet and ask her questions, get her opinions, and hear her first hand experience for ourselves. She is important to women’s history, Mexican-American and migrant history, and lastly, she is Stockton’s history.

Dolores Huerta: Revolution in the Fields / Revolución en los Campo @HagginMuseum is on display through October 20, 2019. You can also dive deeper into the exhibit using the Dolores Huerta by Smithsonian Institution app. Plan a visit in person! Haggin Museum offers Free First Saturdays! That means 2 opportunities to see it #noexcuses in September and October!

Opening Night

Front of the museum. A person is sitting on the edge of the stairs reading a book
The Haggin Museum sits within Victory Park in Stockton, CA. Take the family to visit the museum, have a picnic near the playground, and watch the ducks in the ponds.
Rows of people listening to a speaker at a podium
Assemblymember, Susan Talamontes-Eggman (pictured at podium) as well as Stockton Mayor Micheal Tubbs awarded Dolores Huerta with special proclamations during the opening night event.
Rows of people seated to watch a group of Girl Scouts perform.
The Girl Scout Troop 663 recited not only the Girl Scout Oath, but other works to Dolores Huerta. This pays homage to Huerta’s participation in Girl Scouts when she was a young girl in Stockton, CA.
People standing around Dolores Huerta sitting on a chair.
I am always amazed at the energy Dolores Huerta has at her age. One day, I’ll have to ask her what her secret to life is! She arrived at the Haggin Museum early and was seen taking pictures with people. Then just before the event, there was another long line of people for pictures. Following the event she was surrounded for more pictures. Each one is an opportunity to ask her questions and thank her for her fight and inspiration. I believe she is more than happy to be here for us.

How to relate Huerta’s life of advocacy with your family

  • The exhibit displays the time line of Huerta’s life in Stockton, CA through her early activism in the 1960’s with the organization of the Farm Workers Union to present day. When you realize this time is very recent, you can began to feel a part of the history. Can you remember hearing about the Farm Workers Union strike? Do you remember seeing it on the news? Do you remember seeing Huerta in the interviews?
  • For our children, they will better relate to this time line by learning about the life of their own grandmother and great grandmother. Take opportunities to start the conversation. You can start with general questions like, “What was life like when you were young?” “Where did you go to school?” “Where did you go to work?” Then ask questions relating to Dolores Huerta like, “Do you remember when there was a Farm Workers strike?” “Where were you when it happened?” “Do you remember hearing of Dolores Huerta?”
  • Connect her fight to today’s need for equality and social justice. Through the Dolores Huerta app she shares an early belief she learned that, “When you see someone who needs help, it’s your obligation to help them. Don’t wait for them to ask for help.” Today, we can easily look within our community, even our own families, and see their needs. If we are able to help, we should. It’s literally as simple as that. In what ways can you being to help in your community?

Plan to visit the Haggin Museum

You can use the Visit Stockton website to help plan your trip to Stockton. You won’t want to miss the the Dolores Huerta exhibit!

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