Local Spotlight: Stockton Teen Spaces

A space to call their own

We shouldn’t ignore the stress our teens are managing. It is important to recognize they need space to relax, decompress, and to simply to be a kid too. In particular, our high school seniors need to find spaces to manage the stress of Senior Year. Where can teens go in Stockton, California?

Little to no-cost spaces

Oh, to be a teen today!

Now, I’m going sound old. Things just aren’t the way they used to be when I was a teen! Actually, we adults have to stop thinking this way. We’re never going to have the 1980’s arcades-at-the-mall again. Sorry, we can’t have the 1990’s back either. Our teens need new spaces. What does that look like? We have to ask them. So, go ask them! I’d like to hear what your teens thought a space for teens would look like. Share in the comments!

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