Local Spotlight: Read Between the Wines with Nancy Brooks

Listen along for a literary escape into a world of myth, romance, and adventure with Nancy Brooks as she reads aloud from her novel Forbidden Treasure.

Nancy Brooks grew up in a family where every gathering included the telling of a tale. As early as elementary school she began writing stories inspired by all those tales and folklore. On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM PST, she will read aloud from Forbidden Treasure: Sons of Mil: Ethan Jameson (Sons of Mil Saga) (Volume 1). Join us for this special Facebook Live event!

Forbidden Treasure: Sons of Mil: Ethan Jameson (Sons of Mil Saga) (Volume 1)

Reading this novel will put you in the middle of the Amazon jungle with its humidity, ruggedness and mysterious wonder. Reading about love at first sight and reckless abandon will have you eager for the next novel in this series! You’ll definitely want to know what happens next in this book. Get your copy here!

Nancy has traveled to various places and spent countless hours of research in order to know the descriptive details of the places and people she writes about. It’s that palpable detail that will transport you to the time and place of her stories. I can’t wait to hear her own expressions and tones as she reads aloud from this very descriptive book!

How did Nancy decide to do Facebook live reading? She thought how fun it would be to share this with fans! “I could read the book but also share the legends I’ve incorporated into the story, how I came up with different parts of it (people ask me that all the time), and get some feedback. Plus sharing a glass of wine will be fun too,” Nancy answered. Introducing the characters to others who will love them just as much as she does is motivating to keep publishing.

I was so excited to meet Author Nancy Brook at her book signing on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Art Expressions of San Joaquin. I dove right into this book! It’s a must-read!

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