Local Spotlight: Stockton Fourth of July Parade

Family, BBQ, and fireworks, but first, start Independence Day with a parade! 

I have to admit that my favorite thing to do on Independence Day is watch Independence Day. That is one good movie! Whether you plan to visit family or stay home, I strongly encourage you start the day with community by attending the Stockton Fourth of July Parade in Downtown Stockton, California.

Photo of Color Guards at attention facing the grandstand at a parade
Read more about the parade. See you there!

Attending the parade takes some planning. Here are three tips – 

Get familiar with the parade route. You can set up lawn chairs along the sidewalks beginning at Weber Avenue and El Dorado Streets, along El Dorado Street heading North,  and the section of Oak Street between El Dorado and Center Streets.

The best views are nearest to the grandstand in front of the Stockton Civic Memorial Auditorium. Participants will have time to stop here to perform! 

Parking is available in the surrounding areas however you’ll want to get there early for good spots. You could also use public transportation to the Downtown Transit Center which is walking distance from the parade route. 

I have to admit that we don’t attend as many parades as we should throughout the year.  I’m making a point to attend this time with the kiddos. When was the last time you attended a parade? Hope to see you out there! 

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