Local Spotlight: Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Making travel easier for Stockton and the Central Valley

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport, located at 5000 S Airport St, Stockton, California, has operated since the 1920’s. Evolving from aerial agriculture use to army air training during World War II to commercial and industrial services today. In recent years, it has maintained consistent Allegiant services to San Diego, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona. Now it includes a second airline, United, to connect to Los Angeles, California daily.

My daughter attends college in Los Angeles, CA. With a direct flight out of Stockton, we save time, money, and the back ache of driving several hours. Thank you San Joaquin County and United Airlines!

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport is home of the annual Bomber Camp which reenacts World War II, 1944 at the Stockton Field Air Corps Advanced Flying School. This is truly an awesome one-of-a-kind experience! Campers are thoroughly immersed in the experience including mess hall style meals and military coveralls, cap, and canteen. In 2013, I attended a special evening event with 1940’s style pin ups. It was so much fun! You can also find more information here on Vintage Aircraft in Stockton.

The amazing pinups for the Bombshells for Bombers USO Style Show, May 2013. (That’s me on the far left!) See more photos of Bomber Camp on their page BomberCamp.org.

When will you visit our Stockton Metropolitan Airport?

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