Local Spotlight: Stribley Micro Library

Modern library space renews a long standing community center.

It’s exciting to see a library take shape! Located at 1760 E. Sonora St. in Stockton, California, the Stribley Micro Library is open for all residents in this East Stockton neighborhood.

The transformations began in 2011 when one of the community rooms filled with books from the closed Fair Oaks Library. In 2015, after a lot of community advocacy, it was then transformed into a working library complete with 3-D printer and access to laptops and iPads. Restructuring of library and recreation resources in order reopen the Fair Oaks Library left this space empty for a short time. Now, it’s open again in a new location within the center.

Rows of standing book shelves and two empty chairs with small tables.
Stribley Park’s reading room from approximately 2011 through 2015. This space providedlots of books however the community advocated for more services.
A woman stands in front of a wall of organized library books on five rows of shelves
Stribley Library Opening Day on August 4, 2015 complete with separate children and adult areas and access to technology including a 3-D printer.
Adults and children standing around the Stribley Micro Library room.
Stribley Micro Library Opening Day on March 2, 2019 celebrated with a circus “big top” theme complete with acrobats, games, and prizes! 

Look for upcoming activities at the Stribley Micro Library! Keep watch for improvements to Stockton’s libraries through our Parks & Recreation Department.

Follow the Stockton-San Joaquin Public Library on Facebook for Stribley Micro Library events as well as all library and recreation events happening throughout Stockton.

A new Northeast Stockton Library & Community Center is near completion on 9501 West Lane, Stockton, California. This will be the first library built in Stockton since 1979! With community input the new building will have open community spaces, access to technology, and all the library service we’ve come to cherish.

These improvements are made possible through voters approval of Measure M in 2016. I’m so proud to have been a part of that committee and thankful for all who helped during the campaign. Let your city council representative know how well Measure M is helping your family.  Let’s do our part to ensure that Measure M funding continues to support libraries and recreation in Stockton.

Visit the new Stribley Micro Library!

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  1. […] In 2017, Fair Oaks Library reopened! Although this advertisement does say that Stribley Library closes April 8th, that too was later reopened. It reopened as a micro-library in 2019. Read more about the Grand Opening of Stribley Micro Library. […]

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