Meet Author Nancy Brooks

Nancy Brooks takes her audience on a romantic adventure into the Amazon with Forbidden Treasure: Sons of Mil: Ethan Jameson (Sons of Mil Saga) (Volume 1)

My summer vacation was made through a literary escape into a world of myth, romance, and adventure with Nancy Brooks’ novel Forbidden Treasure. What a great welcomed break from my studies and daily routines!

I first met Nancy Brooks during the Local Legends Project initiated by Reinvent South Stockton Coalition. She shared with us how she grew up with storytelling as a big part of her family life describing how every family gathering always included the telling of a tale. As early as elementary school she began writing stories inspired by those tales and folklore.

Writing from the imagination is one way to get started. When you include writing from first-hand experience it helps the writer add vivid description to their story. Nancy has traveled to various places and spent countless hours of research in order to know the descriptive details of the places and people she writes about. It’s that palpable detail that will transport you into the time and place of her stories.

How does she find time to write and research? Nancy is a mother, works full time and holds writing workshops throughout the year at Art Expressions of San Joaquin in Stockton, CA. Her passion for writing and storytelling are weaved into her day. Her research is also shared by enthusiastic fans of her writing who often share with her what certain folklore they’ve learned of or what particular places are like from their own experience. They sometimes share what they think would happen next in her stories. This creates a fun and personal connection to Nancy’s stories. She welcomes the feedback and loves to connect with her readers!

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Reading her recently released book Forbidden Treasure: Sons of Mil: Ethan Jameson (Sons of Mil Saga) (Volume 1) will put you in the middle of the Amazon jungle with its humidity, ruggedness and mysterious wonder. Reading about love at first sight and reckless abandon will have you eager for the next novel in this series! 

Get your copy today! Click here. The novel description from reads –

Obsessed with following an ancient trail that borders more on fairytale than fact, Archaeologist Ethan Jameson prepares to leave the Amazon with artifacts which seem to prove his theory. As the spirits of the jungle surge forward to protect its secrets, he’s drawn into a web of vivid dreams, prophetic visions, and horrifying nightmares. Ethan soon finds himself thrust into a world of mystery and magic, where love and desire are wielded as weapons, and forbidden knowledge is protected by shape shifting warriors. It’s the first step on an epic adventure that will lead him towards impending battle, human sacrifice, and eternal balance.

I was so excited to meet up with Nancy at her book release party on Saturday, June 24, 2017, at Art Expression of San Joaquin Gallery on Miracle Mile – 2318 Pacific Ave, Stockton, California 95204.

Author Nancy Brook and I at her book signing on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Art Expressions of San Joaquin
Nancy Brook also had a giveaway of her artwork “King Pacal’s Coronation”

The book’s cover models were there too! Ray and Liz Montez, husband and wife, make the perfect cover models for this novel.

Good books, good friends and good food! Would you believe the book in the center is actually a cake?! Made by Pattycake in Stockton, CA.

What good books have you read this Summer? Share them in the comments. If you can post a pic of your favorite book please do! Use #NationalBookLoversDay so we can find them online.

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