Dr Nancy Huante

Meet Dr. Nancy Huante

Dr. Huante is an educational advocate for students and parents. She is passionate about empowering parents to be educational advocates for their students.


I first met Dr. Nancy Huante at our Education Committee meetings with the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition. As co-lead, she helped us discuss many educational concerns. Over several meetings, our group of parents, students, educators, and community members were able to advocate for a 10% increase in A-G graduation rates for our school district. We were successful in seeing our request become a written specified Local Control Accountability Plan goal! It was a great feeling to be a part of the process from beginning to end.

Dr. Huante studied at California State University, Sacramento where she received her BA in Ethnic Studies. She then attended California State University, San Diego earning her Master’s in Chicana and Chicano Studies. In 2016, she earned her doctorate in Education from the University of Utah.

She is now a College Professor in the Ethnic Studies department at California State University, Sacramento. They are certainly lucky to have her wealth of knowledge and experience!

In Stockton, Dr. Huante is the Director of the South Stockton School Initiative’s Parent Ambassador Program and Parent Council which coordinates monthly workshops for parents in English and Spanish.  Parents are welcome to join the series of workshops starting now! The workshops will help you understand how policies affect our students and ways we can advocate for change.

Follow the South Stockton Schools Initiative for meeting updates. You can join the first workshop either on Oct. 16 or 17 at 6:30 PM where we meet at the Huddle at 110 N San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA 95202.

Dr NH_T Huddle
Dr. Nancy Huante-Tzinzun leading a Parent Council meeting at the Huddle in Stockton, CA.
Dr. Nancy Huante-Tzinzun leading a packed room for the Parent Ambassador workshop in Spanish.

This series is great for parents who are new to getting involved. The workshops will take you step by step understanding our student data and outcomes, the Local Control Accountability Plan and funding, and how state and federal policies affect our students. You’ll walk away with a foundation of knowledge to begin advocating for our youth!

Dr. Nancy Huante-Tzinzun co-leading the Education Breakout session with Lange Luntao, SUSD Board Trustee at the 2nd Annual Reinvent South Stockton Resident Summit.

At most meetings you are likely to see Nancy’s young daughter with her. I really appreciate how Nancy is a good example of balancing family and community involvement.

How does she find this balance? A supportive network and kid-friendly spaces are keys! Mothers may want to participate in activities but often the biggest hurdle is child care.  Who is able to watch the kids while we’re gone or can we bring the kids with us? Our parent meetings commonly provide a space for children.

Another important step she takes is talking with her daughter about where they are going and what is going to happen when they get there. This way her daughter can understand how to behave at meetings. This is a life lesson we can all use! In order to expect our youth to carry on civic responsibilities and attend meetings, they have to learn how. Learning by example is ideal.

Nancy also brings along a backpack with activities to keep her daughter busy as well as the phone with YouTube as a last resort. Preparation is another important key!

Dr NH_T USHistory
Dr. Nancy Huante-Tzinztun, with daughter in tow, presenting Chicana/o Studies to a room full of high school students for the US History Program at Edison High School, Stockton, CA

Do you attend meetings that discuss our children’s education? Do you attend with your children or on your own? I’d like to hear how you do it. Share in the comments!

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