My Women’s Rights in Action

I’m thankful for the right to make choices to benefit my reproductive health. I’m ready for a permanent birth control method.

I’m equally thankful for modern science and skilled providers who perform surgeries! Today, I will have a procedure to stop having children. I will have a salpingectomy – removing my fallopian tubes. I’m 100% positive my decision is best at this time in my life. I recently had time to fully pray about this choice. I’ve spent time in quiet concentration. Each time, this is the answer that just feels right.

Truthfully, I’ve been really bad at birth control methods. I don’t think I’ve gone through a month of pills without missing one or two days. After having Titus, I used an IUD. It was very successful except I experienced side effects from time to time. After more than three years with an IUD, I’m ready for a permanent birth control method.

Getting ready for the big day

  • My husband and I have talked about this in different ways. Sometimes joking, sometimes serious. Although I initiated this decision, it’s important to me that he understand. Juan feels like it’s a way of stepping into another stage in life, where we are older.
  • One week prior to surgery, I’ve not taken any pain medications, herbal supplements, or other. I’ve missed my morning teas and vitamins! Instead of that, I made a juice of watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple. It’s been a tasty alternative!
  • It was advised to keep up the exercise to help with recovery. So, I’ve kept up the walking and light yoga. I’m also looking forward to some time off work to recover.

Next steps 

It’s not lost on me that I have the privilege of healthcare which allows me to have this procedure. I have the privilege of employment to afford the time off from work. I have the privilege of family who support me in this decision. On this On Fridays We Fight post, I hope my personal story helps us understand how healthcare and labor law policies are beneficial and should be afforded to all.

Have you had this procedure? Are you thinking about having this procedure? Let’s talk about it.

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